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CHINA TEL-B Tetraethyl Lead TECHNICAL LITERATURE Trade Name: Tetraethyl Lead Certificate of analysis: ItemsSpecification Density,kg/m3 (With Hydrometer)1.75卤0.15 Pure Tetraethyl Lead, Pb(C2 H5 )61.48% min Dibromoethane C 2 H 4 Cl 2 ( Ethane Dibromide )35.0卤3.0% ApperanceTransparent Liquid, blue Liquid or as Requirement Packing: Drums or ISO Tank. Application: It is used as Aviation Gasoline additive. It improves the Octane value of the oil and as anti-knock additive in the engine. So, it increases higher compression ratio and can be used to improve the efficiency and power of the automobile engine.CHINA TEL-B Tetraethyl Lead website:

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