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CNC Turning Company Free Sample Product name: stainless steel electrical shaft Product Category: Precision Parts Product specifications: can be customized according to the drawings and specifications of precision car parts, copper parts, hardware parts, copper needles, lathe parts and PIN needles. Product description: stainless steel electrical shaft, electrical shaft, instrument needle shaft, micro shaft sleeve, precision meson, special washer: products include micro shaft parts, shaft core, shaft needle, micro metal shaft, connector shaft accessories. Machinable materials are steel, stainless steel, iron, copper. Products are suitable for all kinds of electronics, electricians, electrical appliances, motors, power tools, etc. The minimum diameter is 0.5 mm. The product has high precision and good surface finish after grinding. Stainless steel electrical shafts are used for copier shafts, fax machine shafts, and printer shafts. The hardware parts processed by the precision automatic lathe, the outer surface is processed by precision grinding, the product has high precision, and the product is positioned accurately. Good straightness and high roundness. It can be produced according to the specific requirements of customers. Meet the different needs of various customers for parts. product quality assurance. The product is suitable for fax machines, printers, copiers, clocks, etc. Stainless steel electrical shaft core is a customized product. There is no unified standard in terms of price, specification, size, quantity, material, and production process of stainless steel electrical shaft core. If you need it, please contact us, thank you!CNC Turning Company Free Sample website:

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